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The primary policy of the Dickson Representatives is that the elected representative votes as directed by the majority in the electorate.

To make this possible there needs to be a means to determine what the majority in the electorate wants. The proposed means is to use the VoteWrap method implemented as a collection of the following parts:

  • Google Forms - Used by the voters to cast, update & finalise their vote.
  • Google Sheets - To collect the form responses, calculate voting position & chart display of overall results & publish to the web..
  • Zoom - To collaborate via on-line video  and progress the policy using all means available.

Trial Policy: Australia should be a Sovereign Nation independent of the British Monarchy.


Policy 1: Make it LAW that elected representatives in the Australian Parliament must vote as directed by the majority of voters in their electorates.


Policy 2: ????    Contact Thor to arrange adding a policy.


Note: The functionality to allow Dickson voters to put forward a policy on-line is not yet implemented so new policies have to be entered manually.