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Thor Prohaska is officially an Independent Candidate for Dickson

In this coming 2016 Federal election the choice has never been so stark or so clear.

If you Vote 1 for Labor, Liberal, the Greens or any other Party Puppet you will only be represented in the Australian House of Representatives when the parties and their donors interests align with yours.

But if you Vote 1 for an Independent Representative who has pledged to represent the Sovereign Will of the voters then you will be guaranteed 100% representation.

I, Thor Prohaska, an Independent Federal Candidate for Dickson, pledge that if elected as the Member for Dickson I WILL represent the Sovereign Will of the voters of Dickson on all polices when voting in the Australian House of Representatives.

I’ve been out in the electorate speaking to voters and the majority enthusiastically agree with my proposition that a Representative should represent what the majority of the people want. Not what they, or a party or their faceless donors want.

If I could door knock the whole electorate then I’d say I have a very good chance of winning Dickson from Dutton. But there is no time to do that now!

To give me as an Independent a fighting chance in taking Dickson from the Liberals and making sure that Labor doesn’t’ get their Puppet elected I have set up a Crowd Funding Campaign with a $250,000 target ‘To Help Thor Cut Dutton out of Dickson’.

Thor Prohaska


For further information contact Thor:
Phone: 0459 167 377

Written and authorised by Thor Prohaska 6/728 Gympie Rd, Lawnton Qld 4501