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My name is Thor Prohaska, I say elected representatives should represent what the majority in the electorate want. Not what the representative personally wants, or what a party wants and especially NOT what party donors want.

I was born in Collinsville North Queensland. I'm a 5th generation Australian of English, Irish & Moravian heritage. Under Section 44 of the constitution I'm eligible to sit in federal parliament.

I lived in Melbourne for 23 years and moved back to Queensland in 2003 to the electorate of Dickson. 

I'm married with 4 children. I've worked in the public & private sectors and run my own businesses. I was an Australian snowboarding pioneer. I'm currently a Business Analyst. Click here for more details about me.

I've run for elected office 5 times:


I will be standing again in 2022 for the seat of Dickson and we've already started the campaign to build the Direct/Representative network to make Real Democracy a reality.

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If elected as the Federal Member for Dickson I legally pledge, as detailed in the statutory declaration below, to vote in parliament as directed by the majority of Dickson voters.



A bit more of my story ...