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The Solution

 The disruptive changes we are seeing in today’s world from the internet is usually cutting out the ‘Middle Man’ which in this case is the ‘Political Party’. All we really need are the voters in the electorate and a means to determine what the majority want on all policies to direct the elected representative how to vote in parliament. With this approach in effect the Electorate will replace the Party and membership of the Electorate will simply be that you are registered with the AEC to vote in that electorate. Super simple stuff. If it is so simple then why hasn’t it been done before? Well I say it has been because it is devilishly difficult to determine what the majority in the electorate really want. After decades of working on this I believe that I now have a practical plan that will work.

To do this we are planning to use the power of the internet in the form of VoteWrap which is a game changing software application that will for the first time enable voters to be involved in voting on any policy they want directly or to use a representative to manage their vote/s. We are in the build phase of VoteWrap and hope to have the core functionality finished soon.

The internet is a wonderful tool. However, the reality is that no organisation can grow and flourish without the people involved meeting and forming trust relationships in the real world in their homes, community halls, rallies etc. To make this happen we plan to hold Policy Party Nights that will be fun and informative and will facilitate the identification of community representatives and the further development of general and policy representation networks right across the electorate. Pub Choir is an example of the power of bringing people who don't know each other together in a fun way that will make them want to do it again and tell other people to join in. And the evidence seems to be overwhelming that if we identify with a group & engage with that group in the real world we are happier & healthier on all levels.

So by combining the internet with electorate wide community networks I say that it is possible to determine what the majority in the electorate want in as close to real time as is humanly possible. Certainly much faster than political parties, pollsters or any other means we have at our disposal today.

For Policies that affect some or all electorates then there will be an association between the respective policy representatives from these electorates to form regional, state or national policy consensus groups that provide a genuine consensus that will be far better than the fragmented piecemeal results that we get from the current system of political parties, their donors and various lobby groups and other vested interests.

With this approach we do not need to form a government in the conventional sense as collectively all elected members of parliament will be the government and all political fights will happen in each policy ring rather than at the tribal level of the political party.

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Do you want to vote on Bills?

If you are a Dickson voter you can vote on, or be involved with one or more Bills. And if you don't have the time to be involved directly then you can choose a Reps to look after your vote.

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Do you want to be a Representative?

If you want to represent your fellow voters in Dickson then you can start out by representating  your family & friends.

Or you can get involved in Bills and represent other voters on spcific Bills that interrest you.

Finally you can throw your hat in the ring to be a candidate for election as the federal member for Dickson.

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